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Tornado washing machine

If there is one brand that has exploded in the domestic washing machine market in recent decades, it is Tornado. In fact, the Egyptian electronics giant has tackled the household appliance market by offering machines with impressive energy

performance, ultra-worked design and very competitive prices. However, success was not long in coming. Tornado washing machines are now among the best-selling and most popular appliances in the ‘front/window washing machine’ category in Africa.

To cope with the tough competition, Tornado is developing dynamically, by refreshing the model range and regularly introducing its own technologies.

The firm is nowadays known for the reliability of its products. These stand out in particular for their advanced technologies. They combine exceptional performance and absolute respect for all your textiles. So, if you are looking for a new semi-automatic Tornado washing machine, you may be interested in the models of the Egyptian brand. The range of this manufacturer is so vast that it now offers options that are suitable for almost all uses.

Why choose a Tornado washing machine ?

Tornado is a strong player in the competitive Tornado washing machine industry. However, in order to stand out from the crowd, the Egyptian firm has developed various revolutionary technologies, now making use much easier and more pleasant. In addition, it is constantly expanding and improving its range, generally embodying the most daring technological solutions. It exercises rather strict control over the devices assembled in its branches. 

By continually adding new innovations to these Tornado washing machines, the Egyptian giant is creating real added value in the user experience. The Tornado mini washing machines thus represent quite interesting alternatives to other brands of large household appliances such as Bosch or Electrolux. They will be particularly interesting for consumers looking for a mid-range machine.

What are the special features of Tornado washing machines ?

Nowadays, the firm commercializes several types of Tornado washing machine that can be installed freestanding or built-in. They have different characteristics and offer various washing programs. The majority of models are equipped with an Inverter motor, which slows down its wear and significantly reduces energy consumption. Thanks to this, Tornado washing machines can last up to twenty years without failure. And in the event of a malfunction, each of the models is equipped with an overall diagnostic system – with child lock – usually indicating the fault by showing an ‘error code’ on the display.

Cleaning efficiency is ensured by brand new features, including the Vortex system. It is actually a hot steam treatment, which not only helps remove dirt particles, but also dust mites, allergens and germs. In addition, the action of steam helps to refresh laundry from unpleasant odors, gently preserve the texture of fabrics, and dry laundry without creasing it. It should be noted that digital technologies are always used to improve the efficiency of Tornado washing machines. 

The value for money of our products is unbeatable !

The Egyptian brand offers three large ranges of Tornado washing machines adapted to almost all needs. Namely: washer dryers, which can replace a dryer, large capacity washing machines for large families, and standard size washing machines.

Regardless of the model, it must be admitted that the prices of the Tornado washing machines are relatively expensive. Nevertheless, the value for money is there. Moreover, despite these rather expensive prices, customers strongly recommend Tornado brand washing machines for these main advantages : multiplicity of programs, satisfactory capacity of the device, Tornado washing machine consumption, efficient spinning and washing, etc. In addition, they are displayed in a fairly elegant design, but very sober.