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TV Tornado Egypt

Part of the Egyptian group El-Araby, Tornado is one of the most important brands in the home appliance market. Its products, especially televisions, are among the best products internationally. Tornado TV Egypt, Afrique manufactures and markets all models of televisions without exception: Tornado LED TVs, Android televisions, 4K televisions, Tornado Smart TVs, digital screens and many others. These are also available for all sizes such as 32 inch screens, 43 inch screens, 49 inch televisions or 65 inch screens and more.

Why buy a Tornado brand TV ?

Tornado screens have many advantages that appeal to users, so we are going to name the most important ones to ensure that your Tornado TV Egypt meets your needs : 

Economic prices :

One of the most important advantages that characterizes a Tornado TV Egypt is its economical price compared to the features it offers and especially compared to the many other brands on the market. The Tornado tv prices vary depending on the size and the features. 

It should be noted that whatever the size of the Tornado 75 inch tv or Tornado tv 65 inch screen, their prices are always affordable. For example, Tornado TV Egypt have pretty much the same features as Samsung TVs, except Tornado screens are cheaper than Samsung.

The quality of its materials and its thick screen :

The structure of Tornado screens is characterized by its thickness and resistance compared to some other screens. They feature a slim thickness and a distinctive black color. Their sturdy design of the monitor base sets it apart from all other brands.

High quality image :

The picture quality of a Tornado television is very acceptable in relation to its price. The display is characterized by high color purity and powerful sound. The contrast levels of Tornado TVs are high and proportionate to vision.

A responsive after-sales service :

One of the strengths of the Egyptian brand Tornado is its after-sales service. Its centers are available everywhere and their response is quick and cooperative. Its screens are characterized by the presence of a long warranty period alongside its after-sales service. In addition, Tornado relies heavily on its research and development department to design, test and launch new products in order to provide you with items that will make your daily life easier during the Tornado TV Sale. 

Availability of spare parts in abundance at a low price :

Unlike most other screens, Tornado TV spare parts are available in abundance and at cheap prices.

Many external sockets :

Tornado TVs Egypt have many outputs that you might need, such as USB, audio outputs for speakers, and many more. A presence of a flash player that will allow you to broadcast your media on your large Tornado screen: video – photos – music. Without forgetting also, the possibility of connecting to the Internet wirelessly via the Wi-Fi available on its smart screens.

advanced technologies :

One of the great things about Tornado screens is that despite their reasonable price, they have all kinds of technologies, even the highest technologies on the market. In terms of image, Tornado screens are equipped with HD, Full HD and Ultra HD 4k technologies. They are also available in all types: normal and smart, such as Tornado smart tv 32 inches Egypt or Tornado 32 inches smart tv Egypt, in order to meet all the needs of its customers. Moreover, they offer you the possibility to record and replay your favorite shows or programs to watch later. Tornado Smart TVs have an Android operating system that allows you to use your screen as an internet browser.