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Whether you need to cool your interior in summer or warm it up in winter, your Tornado Tunisia air conditioner will bring you a comfortable temperature at home or in your office. This Egyptian brand, specialist in small and large household appliances, offers a wide choice of quality air conditioners at very attractive prices to guarantee you comfort and well-being at a low cost.

The Egyptian household appliance giant

Tornado is part of the brand portfolio of the Egyptian industrial group Elaraby, the largest manufacturer of home appliance products in the Middle East. Elaraby Group has grown from a simple producer of hardware products and children’s toys to a major player in the household appliances and electronics industry. This multinational has forged strategic partnerships during its development process, such as Toshiba Corporation in 1974 or Sharp in 2002.

Tornado belongs to a solid industrial and commercial platform, with more than 14 global brands, 25 product categories and more than 4,000 variants. The group’s products are available in more than 60 countries around the world. Among Elaraby Group, we find the Japanese brands Hitachi, Seiko, Alba, Nec and Sony as well as the Italian brands La Germania, Hoover and Candy as partners of choice. Tornado is much more than a brand. The goal is to simplify access to household appliances and electronic devices for as many people as possible. The brand has already conquered Egypt and the Middle East before focusing on Tornado Africa.

Discover our wide range !

Tornado offers a wide range of air conditioning systems, reliable and efficient, at very attractive prices to guarantee you comfort and well-being while respecting your limited budget. Because your satisfaction is our priority, we take care to meticulously select the best authorized resellers, in order to guarantee quality after-sales service and customer service.

With Tornado, refresh your interior without consuming a lot of energy and without breaking the bank. Find all our models of air conditioning and cooling :

Air conditioners :

12 000 BTU Air Conditioners

If the area of your room is between 30 and 35 m², then choose a Tornado air conditioner with a power of 12 000 BTU. Equipped with R410A gas and MCHX technology, this type of air conditioner has many advanced features : Super Jet function, automatic restart function, timer option, reduced sound level

Each Tornado 12 000 BTU air conditioner is guaranteed for 3 years (with 5 years warranty on the compressor).

18 000 BTU Air Conditioners

For a room of 35 to 50 m², the ideal is to opt for a model of Tornado air conditioner with a power of 18 000 BTU. This type of hot/cold air conditioner has a new sound of 50 dB(A). Depending on the model, a Tornado air conditioner is equipped with several options including Anticorrosion (exterior side), MCHX technology, the Super Jet function, the Dry function, the Nature Wing tilting function or the automatic restart function. Like 12,000 BTU air conditioners, an 18 000 air conditioner also has a 3-year warranty on the unit and 5 years on the compressor.

24 000 BTU Air Conditioners

The most powerful of the Tornado air conditioners is intended for large rooms over 70 m², large rooms from 50 to 70 m². This type of powerful split air conditioner, with Turbo Cool function, also has several strong points allowing the air to be diffused comfortably and efficiently throughout the occupied area. For 24 000 air conditioners, there are Auto Swing (Up/Down) options, Auto-restart function, Natural wing function, Self-diagnosis, Anti-corrosion (outside side) and dust filter.

Air coolers

Tornado air coolers provide you with an alternative to air conditioners, allowing you to improve the quality of your indoor air. These mobile and design devices are more economical than air conditioners and more efficient than fans. Equipped with three speeds, these devices offer water tank capacities between 55 and 80 liters and powers ranging from 165 to 220 watts.


Tornado offers two types of fans : the ceiling model, equipped with 3 metal blades with 5 speeds and an airflow of 8 300 CF/M as well as the pedestal fan, which offers for better air circulation and a more precise ventilation, thanks to 4 propellers and 3 speeds. These devices are specially designed for small budgets.

Why prefer a Tornado air conditioner ?

Designed by the expert hands of Tornado, Split air conditioners are reliable and efficient to cool and heat your interior, discreetly, while reducing your consumption bill. Offered at reasonable prices, Tornado devices combine comfort, design and high performance.

The majority of Tornado air conditioning units are equipped with a digital display, the function Turbo Cool and Auto Swing option. Other features are available such as the Natural wing function, the automatic restart option, the Self-diagnosis, the Anti-corrosion or the Dust filter.

Tornado air conditioning systems are intended for both residential and professional use, with a wide variety of models, equipped with the highest energy efficiency to ensure optimal comfort while maintaining low power consumption.

Where can I find a Tornado air conditioner ?

Tornado air conditioners are distributed in Egypt, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Thanks to a partnership signed between Elaraby Group and Tdiscount, one of the leaders in e-commerce, Tunisia has become a hub for the distribution of Tornado products in Africa and on the European market. Tornado devices are also marketed online on the merchant sites of Elaraby Group and Tdiscount.

How to choose the right model ?

Whether it is a monobloc or split air conditioner, certain criteria must be considered when purchasing your Tornado unit. On the power side, it is necessary to count between 50 and 100 W of power per square meter, depending on the performance of the insulation of your home, your office or your commercial premises. To reduce your energy consumption, choose appliances classified A+++ up to A on the energy label. Other additional options can be integrated such as the power of the dehumidification function or the noise level. Your Tornado air conditioner model may be equipped with a heating mode, called reversible air conditioning.