Do you dream of a refrigerator with plenty of space, low energy
consumption and ensuring optimal preservation of your food ? Tornado Africa has what you need. Performance and durability characterize Tornado refrigerators. The
Egyptian firm innovates by offering machines with multiple technologies and
options. It is undoubtedly the best brand of household appliances in terms
of reliability and quality.
In fact, Tornado devices are exceptionally durable, and they are characterized by their affordable price. From the American fridge to the built-in model, via the inverted combination : Tornado brand fridges now make your life easier. In addition, they are reliable machines, so a very good long-term investment.
Smart, luxurious and elegant design inside and out. Thanks to its technical
characteristics, the Tornado handset helps you achieve a high quality of

Sleek, smart and spacious appliances

The design of the Tornado refrigerator is sleek and modern to give style to your kitchen. The minimalist aesthetic and dark finish complement several decorating styles. It blends harmoniously into any home environment.

The interior design, quite elegant, has a bottle rack, a control panel as well as shelves and shelves tinted in gray. Plus, all appliances come with smart features to help you do everything from keeping food fresh, to reducing waste, to planning meals.

In fact, Tornado always strives to provide the best quality, not only by offering the best technologies, but also in terms of satisfaction.

Homogeneous consistency at all levels

All Tornado brand refrigerators are equipped with “Twin Cooling” technology which allows uniform freshness on all floors of your appliance.

In fact, it is a system that injects cool air through strategically placed vents, and constantly adjusts the temperature. This ensures that your food is well preserved, no matter where you store it.

No more defrosting

The ‘No Frost’ technology (or ventilated cold), integrated into certain Tornado refrigerators / freezers, not only prevents the formation of ice or frost in the cabin of the machine, but it also guarantees an even and stable temperature in your fridge. It also allows the temperature to decrease more quickly after each opening, however reducing the work of the cooling system, which will last much longer.

Energy efficient and quiet

The new Tornado refrigerators (see the official website are ultra-quiet and much more spacious. The tropical compressor systematically adjusts its speed according to the cooling requirement.

Quieter than ever, it generates only 40 dB. It consumes much less for more energy savings. In addition, it complies with the new energy standards.

The range of Tornado refrigerators

Tornado Tunisia is now positioned on mid-range devices. The Egyptian brand is known for marketing a wide variety of items, which delights customers. Now you can find both classic fridges and combined models.

At Tornado, anything is possible. Depending on your desires and your tastes, you will certainly have your account. One thing is certain, Tornado refrigerators are efficient and will give you complete satisfaction.

The price range of Tornado refrigerators

Regarding the Tornado refrigerator price in Tunisia, the Egyptian firm knows how to adapt perfectly to the different budgets of users. So, it is now possible to find devices for people with a fairly small budget, such as models offered at extremely high prices.

In addition to its high quality household appliances, Tornado also offers the best guarantee in order to satisfy its customers.