Are you looking for a sturdy oven ? Your cooking appliance has just broken down and you are looking for a reliable oven ? Not sure which type of oven to turn to ? Are you hesitating between a simple Tornado microwave oven, a Tornado built-in oven or a ventilated oven ?

Discover the different models of Tornado ovens, one of the most reliable brands, available at unbeatable prices.

True allies of pastry chefs and bakers, the Tornado deck oven or the ventilated one among the most popular cooking appliances in the pastry-bakery field. It is obvious that the bakery oven is one of the essential pieces of equipment to ensure the proper functioning of a production line, whether industrial or artisanal. However, during the renovation or design of a pastry or bakery laboratory, it is not always easy to know which equipment will best suit your needs, especially since the number of models existing on the market continues to evolve. In order to guide you in your choice, it is essential to discover all the specificities of each type of oven.

Deck oven or ventilated oven, which one to choose ?

Both constituting essential tools for cooking in pastry shops and bakeries, a deck oven and a ventilated oven are certainly similar, however each one has a very different utility.

The Tornado ventilated oven

Fitted with a fan to diffuse hot air to cook food, the Tornado ventilated oven is mainly used for cooking pastries and pastries of all kinds. In addition, the ventilated oven could also ensure the baking of bread. Thanks to the distribution of a regular and homogeneous heat, the fan-assisted oven allows you to offer faster and more uniform cooking than with a Tornado rotary oven. Therefore, if you want to succeed in your pastries and make your recipes rich in flavor and originality, it is essential to opt for a ventilated oven.

Deck oven

For baking baguettes and breads, but also pastries and pastries, this deck oven is a real ally for pastry  and bakery professionals. This type of cooking appliance allows the perfect distribution of heat on a regular basis.

The advantage that the deck oven has over the ventilated oven is its ability to regulate the temperature allowing better control of cooking.

What is the difference between a forced air oven and a convection oven ?

Constituting an essential cooking appliance in the professional kitchen, the Tornado convection oven ensures uniform and rapid cooking of all your culinary preparations.

The rotating heat allows the cooking of your dishes thanks to the heat of a turbine, a resistance and a fan. It is important to mention that a convection oven has the ability to produce heat thanks to a revolving heat with stirred air or a revolving heat with forced air.

It is therefore imperative to choose the type of oven heat best suited to the types of preparations in your kitchen.

How to choose your built-in oven ?

Requested by cooking enthusiasts, experienced or novice, the Tornado built-in oven is available in several models, some of which include several options. Choosing the right built-in oven for your requirements and your budget is not easy. Catalysis or pyrolysis cleaning ? Hot air or natural convection ? Tornado connected oven or classic oven ? It’s getting harder and harder to find it. If you feel lost, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts who will be happy to direct you to the oven that best suits your budget and your needs.