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About us

As part of the ElAraby group, a major producer of household appliances in the Middle East, Tornado has given itself the tough mission of providing its customers with the best household appliances and high-tech products, so that they best suit different needs and budgets, for a more simplified daily life.




Whether you are looking for a smart TV or a smart Android, Tornado offers you a wide range of quality Tornado televisions equipped with the latest technologies, ranging from LED HD to 4K.



Constituting one of the most essential elements to equip your kitchen and ensure the preservation of your perishable foods, the Tornado refrigerator is available in several models at Tornado.


Washing machine

Because your satisfaction is its priority, Tornado has not finished innovating in terms of the Tornado washing machine. Remember to spare your efforts, by discovering the Tornado washing machines that are available for the best prices. You will now know the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic washing machine thanks to our detailed technical sheets.


Air conditioner

Work in a cool and pleasant room temperature, by controlling your Tornado air conditioner. Discover our wide choice of air conditioners, but also our selection of Tornado fans that are highly coveted by customers.


Innovation and development

Thanks to its research and development center, the Egyptian brand designs, develops, tests and launches new high-tech products, in order to offer you quality items that will simplify your daily life. Tornado does not stop innovating by ensuring the launch of new products incorporating the latest technologies.

TV Models

Offering a wide choice of Tornado televisions whose screen sizes vary between 32 and 65 inches, at Tornado, you will surely find what you are looking for.


Air Conditioner Models

Combining quality, performance and accessibility, Tornado air conditioners are available in several models.


Refrigerator Models

Whether you are looking for a No frost or Defrost refrigerator, Tornado offers several Tornado refrigerator models that meet all your needs. The capacity of our models varies between 100 liters and 569 liters.


Washing Machine Models

The Egyptian giant offers several models of Tornado washing machines ranging from semi-automatic machines to automatic washing machines, in order to meet all expectations.


A wide choice of products

Offering more than 20 models of televisions incorporating the very latest technologies and nearly 26 models of washing machines ranging from semi-automatic to automatic washing machines, Tornado has lived up to its promises in terms of choice. Indeed, you will find products of very good quality at unbeatable prices.

We offer a wide range of products dedicated to different everyday uses. You will certainly find what you are looking for in our various product categories that combine quality, performance and accessibility. It should be noted that our products are available in several models to integrate various functionalities and best meet your needs.


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Tornado has rigorously selected the best authorized dealers, to ensure quality after-sales service and customer service.


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